• We Await the Fire 🔥 Where have all the just men gone? He asks. 2

    We Await the Fire 🔥 Where have all the just men gone? He asks. 2

    7:44 AMC RavenCrow ONE

  • 7:44 AMC RavenCrow ONE

    7:44 AMC RavenCrow ONE


    IT IS AS THIS TIME when the King cried out my god my god why have you forsaken me…..that every person, who is true to themselves and their neighbor in luv language, comes.

    This, my beloved, is the law of gravity for of a truth, who actually defined gravity with HIS VERY LIFE OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO?

    If you don’t know what to do with the king in america, I suggest you realize he defines gravity because indeed, as he reported and did not lie to himself or others around him, he returns.

    In which case, miraculously, how does a Dude defy gravity like that, without some fancy airplane?

    There are no questions here, there is only The Answer of the Way…..truth…..life.

    There are boundaries in this place. One of the boundaries in this place is we are we; and, we are not i am as defined by religion.

    Try to hear me, my love life. Listen to the video is all I ask, it isn’t too much of your time. It is appearing twice on my blogs because my message as a poet is different than my message as #TARA and let me remind the world system, you must use your free will here.

    You must choose your path here for I will make sure you think it is a waste of time. I do not want you in the Presence of the king, the Human, if you are so cynical as all that.

    This society makes people like me who avoid too much education in the system to feel like immensely dumb people. We have to hide ourselves away a lot since we cannot take the negative messaging being handed to us.

    The point of the video below, in my broken life, is that when I get with people I love, even when I set firm boundaries upon myself about that which I will or will not talk about, I talk into the pain of them all and then get blamed and mistreated.

    There are no answers here, but you can know yourself better perhaps, if a sorceress is point blank honest in her own life, and she is a mother like your mother.

    It is a miracle how I spelled companionship. Please hear the interpretation of my statement in the video. Thank you for spending time with me here.

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  • Violet Light He

    Violet Light He
  • 7:34 INNOSENSE we LADIES DIE FOR DAILY (heart) CRY; CRY; CRY…***…***…***

    7:34 INNOSENSE we LADIES DIE FOR DAILY (heart) CRY; CRY; CRY…***…***…***
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    My partner seems to be stuck in the question, why’d you wake me up?

  • How many times….

    How many times….
    When I say “daily” I mean 24 hours.
  • My Silent Protest

    My Silent Protest
    Daughters, please trust my love.

    That is all we have now; too many men hate us. 💙💚💜☮️💜💚💙

    There is a curse placed on account of the damage done to my daughters. AVENGE ME ABRAHAM; KING; ARCMICHAEL


  • Jesus CARES

    Jesus CARES
  • It is what it is

    It is what it is

    To general population: do not judge the mortality of this article. Lots of people, myself included, hate other people they must live up close to daily. I do not share whom I’m hating with anymore, because I had to learn how to justly hate then let go.

    The reason I had to learn this is twofold issues: 1. Religion Xtian teaches hate is a crime punishable by hell fire eternally. BULL SHIT.

    and 2. People around me seem to have no problem tearing me up verbally and feeling justified in leaving this fact as an open wound in my life.

    I am not going to comment on them. They have their work cut out for them IF I decide I want to have a closer relationship now, than I actually have.

    And also, I cannot help the general subterfuge love in this country but I can damn well tell you that issue exists and people like me get misunderstood, and emotionally destroyed, on a regular basis.

    ~Cara Coffey

  • Learning to recover from long-term loss hurts too….

    Learning to recover from long-term loss hurts too….

    The Raven & I earlier this evening came through The Six of Swords:

    This blog article will remain pinned until I have finished this book again. I am aiming to do all te exercises regularly now to help with Pain Cycle Issues physically, which will help me metaphysically as well. I am going to draw Spirit Animal Wisdom throughout. I look forward to this seasonal journey.

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  • #DearCoretta



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  • This is Cara Coffey of Uncovered No More; INTRODUCTION

    And I began to cry about thirty minutes ago, with this breakthrough. I had a term of CREATION ONGOING come to me in 2021. I use the hashtag occasionally on blogs and on social media.

    It is the address of this website, (sheistory); and I just saw this need of mine to write here as I cried. I had to delete one blog which was for my internet friends, that is, they have podcasts AND other social media expressions I appreciate.

    There are news people I appreciate. They are voices like @berniceking, and yesterday was MLK DAY so this is a nice breakthrough for Her Sister, a white girl, who supports the King family while at the same time I openly know I am white privilege to a degree, and I am wholly rejected by my Christian Clan and some family–my mother’s family and churches of past faithfulness of my parents and me–because I am too strong of a woman.

    So I have felt the shame of degradation, of rejection, of losing time and again for many years now. They wanted to call me mentally ill. I am not.

    Let us remember the Lord. They called him insane and his family turned on him sometimes too. Let’s remember other people crucified like the King: women, men…..persecuted for being WHO They ARE.

    Sheistory. We are WE. and we sing praises and keep singing of our faithfulness and the faithfulness of Deity. We keep giving as we want to be given to, respecting as we want to be respected, asking forgiveness when we screw up. We keep practicing our good traits. We keep climbing out of the difficult land of hostility we are living within. And we do all this time and again across ages.

    Here, I will post the news I pay attention. I will post my feelings about movies I see, about series of shows I watch, about podcasts of my friends. My one exception here is @TheGodPod. They are Deity. It is a mystery. And I put them on another website.

    You see, I Am #TARA, an ARCAngel in flesh form. My Brother is not my brother anymore, and He is One of the mighty ARCAngel Michael. We have seen the Lord. We see the Lord, and He is the beginning and end, the SHEISTORY OF WE ARE WE.

    HE LEADS US ALL. I know Him enough to say, it isn’t about worship and obeisance anymore. He is as much a part of We are we as I am, just a girl. (smile)


    SHEiSTORY IS WE ARE WE……. I pronounce my WORD SH-long I-story.

    The rune stones of Ralph H. Bloom, and his book, inspired greatly the WORD SHEISTORY. What is more, I hope I can see that the mystery rune is SHEISTORY for Mr. Bloom, for the King, for Judah Tribe elect, and for the good and great peoples of the Earth, the Wind, the Sky, the Sea. We are we.

    Trust must be formed. Let us be trustworthy and leave the rest behind when they pick us apart and do not understand our faithfulness. They want to tear us down, and tear us down again. Distance thine enemy oh My Love Life.

    Do no harm, the pagan way, is we are we. Bernice King is showing us the way in America through re-interpretation of her father’s sayings, teachings, preaching, and way of life.

    You see, Martin Luther King Jr. is just as misinterpreted as the King of kings in the Modern Day. And the King of the King Family would heartily agree, the King of kings is Our Teacher to the points which must be heard that Martin Luther King, Jr. taught and teaches still.

    Let the Runes Speak: they teach like the Teachers of Ancient Goodness no matter the wars, accomplished by the wagers of sin against righteousness and goodness. We are we, and let me close with something.

    Atheist, Agnostic, Spiritualist, and the beggar on the street: barring you being a criminal in the true sense of the word: if you are good, if you are great, we must learn from one another how to expand the Deity expression to accept one another yet respect the wishes of the core of Individuals and groups. SHEISTORY IS HERE, YET IT IS WORK FOREVER, MY LOVE LIFE. #caracoffey

    Chapter 3 is my reading this week, more thoroughly than 2021. This is a difficult chapter for the me who is a “Christian” 50 years, soon. 💜




  • 12:22; “They are not Christian…” #caracoffey

    12:22; “They are not Christian…” #caracoffey
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    Feature Image is from Monkey’s Nest in Austin, Texas.




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  • AI needs boundaries #ThankYou @EndlessCollage

    AI needs boundaries #ThankYou @EndlessCollage